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Sans gluten,
Sans lactose &

Sans sucre raffiné

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Mini cakes présentés dans diverses saveurs : citron, orange, chocolat, carotte et banane, parfaits pour un petit rass
Brownies luxueux au chocolat noir 70%, disponibles en paquets individuels ou en mini kit de 30 petites pièces, chacune surm
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Discover our healthy


We focus on healthy, thoughtfully prepared food. Discover our range of healthy products gluten-free, lactose-free and also free off refined sugar but with plenty of taste! Our passionate team is constantly refining a product range for you to enjoy, bringing you convenient, gourmet delights at any time of the day. There's no need to hold back!

About us


Our name, TUPI, refers to an old native community living deep in the Brazilian Amazonian forest. Our logo, an Indian headdress, is a symbol of leadership, pride and identity. We see no reason why people with food intolerances shouldn't have things they really enjoy. We're certain you'll love our healthy products! Yes, we select natural, reliable ingredients, inspired by nature itself. Yes, we see ourselves as a positive company, striving to bring you something nice every day.

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Discover our


Yes, we Cater! We cater sweet and savory to share with you and your guests, regular size or catering sizes. Don’t worry anymore! With TUPI Healthy Bakery the challenge to serve your guests, at any kind of event a different, natural and delicious flavor is solved and you will surely be surprised with an amazing taste and reliable ingredients. Bring a potpourri of healthy flavor to your event!  Please click below.

Avec une base de Brownie, mousse au chocolat avec éclats de noix de cajou caramélisés, meringue et zestes d’ orange.
Verrine au citron meringuée, combinant parfaitement l'acidité du citron et la douceur de la meringue, pour une fin de repas l
Gâteau à la banane délicieusement moelleux, surmonté d'une généreuse couche de dulce de leche, créant une combinaison exquise
Notre mini kit de 30 petites pièces, chacune surmontée d'une touche de dulce de leche.
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