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About us

Created in Switzerland, at Tupi we believe in back-to back basics as an essential part of our philosophy. We create our own blend of healthy. We offer a new eating experience, all made from scratch at our kitchen laboratory in Geneva.

Tupi Healthy Bakery is a potpourri of flavors to share without worrying about food intolerances. Our challenge is to make food which will put you in touch, or back in touch, with your senses - taste, touch and sight.

Notre boutique a Plan-les-Ouates / Tupi Healthy Bakery SA
Notre fondatrice / Tupi Healthy Bakery SA


Eliane Carvalho is the founder of Tupi Healthy Bakery. She has always been interested in cooking for people with intolerances and allergies, having been affected herself since she was born. Eliane chose to create Tupi Healthy Bakery in Switzerland, for its human values, professionalism and the organic mindset.

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